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Corporate Transparency Act

Fresh Out of the Courts – Corporate Transparency Act

Corporate Transparency ActThis year signaled a major shift in corporate reporting in California.  In short, the Corporate Transparency Act (Act) came into effect January 1, requiring certain companies to report on beneficial ownership.  While business lawyers at HVP have been preparing for the new reporting requirements under the Act, there have been legal challenges to the Act making its implementation uncertain.  Most recently, a federal district court in Alabama has ruled on a case which attacked the constitutionality of the Act. Last week the federal district court ruled that the Act is unconstitutional because it was not within Congress’ enumerated powers. While … Read More

2024, el Año de las Nuevas Reglas Comerciales y Cómo Cumplirlas

En Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta PC nos enfocamos en atender a propietarios de empresas pequeñas y regionales. Como parte de nuestro compromiso con nuestra comunidad de Sonoma, queremos crear conciencia entre nuestros compañeros propietarios de negocios sobre los cambios en la ley que pueden afectar el negocio.

Hay varias leyes nuevas que pueden afectar su negocio si tiene empleados. Nos complace compartir que nuestra oficina ha crecido hasta incluir una práctica especializada en derecho laboral. Hay varias leyes nuevas que afectan a los empleadores y ahora, a través de nuestra filial, tenemos la experiencia para asesorarlo sobre estas nuevas leyes … Read More

2024 the Year of New Business Rules and How to Comply

At Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta PC we focus on serving small and regional business owners. As part of our commitment to our Sonoma community we want to raise awareness among our fellow business owners of changes in the law that may impact the business.

There are several new laws that may impact your business if you have employees. We are pleased to share that the firm has grown to include a specialized employment law practice. There are several new laws that impact employers and now, through our affiliate, we have the expertise to advise and counsel you on these new … Read More

trust puzzle

First―What is a living trust?

trust puzzleA living trust lets you manage your assets such as money, property, and business interests, with you as the one in charge as trustee. It also provides for how you want your assets managed if you are unable to do so. In those situations, a successor trustee named by you will manage your assets to your benefit during your lifetime and then distribute those assets to your beneficiaries as named in your trust without going through and paying a court.

Trusts can be set up to be revocable in case you want to change your mind at a future date. … Read More


Introducing HVP Trust Series

quoteWe want to help every family to have an estate plan. Our new Trust series will explore the basics of estate planning, show you how to navigate the trust process, determine if and when you need legal help, and assist you as needed.

When you know, you know. Everyone has an estate. And no matter how modest, almost everyone can benefit from setting up a living trust. As estate planners, we create living trusts for our clients all the time. From modest to sophisticated, we know the ropes. As part of our ‘law for everyone’ concept, we want to give … Read More

R2D2 Halloween

Robots on the Plaza

A very cool robot graced our Halloween open house this year. We are lucky enough to work with a start-up company focused on robotics, hence the visit. Their robots use artificial intelligence to interact with humans or other robots. While not frequent visitors to the Plaza, these robots provide emotional support in healthcare, learning, and other environments, including a special Halloween visit to Sonoma.… Read More

Strategies to Lower Your Property Tax Bill

neon_tax_signThe back-to-school special and the property tax blog post are part of our law for everyone initiative.

It’s that time of year when property owners look towards paying that tax bill. Your property tax bill includes payments for various things, other than property tax. In addition to property tax, the bill includes charges for voter-approved taxes and direct charges from taxing agencies. These charges are all specifically identified on one’s bill for property taxes.

A little-known fact is that these additional amounts sometimes will include various exemptions. The most common is for senior citizens, defined as age sixty-five (65) or … Read More

Back-to-School-Special—a package deal

kid_image_back_to_schoolLegal documents you need when your kid goes off to college

Parents of college-bound children need to have critical legal documents in place before their kids leave the nest. These legal considerations, like having kids in the first place, are a package deal. Don’t make the mistake of being unprepared in the face of a situation that could affect your child’s health and well-being.

Even though your child is legally considered to be an adult, there may be times when you will want to step in to help. You will not be able to do so unless you have the … Read More

Firework display

Latest News – Forging a new approach to legal services

Firework displayHere are some of the ideas we’re working on to enhance our legal counsel for the families and small businesses upon which Sonoma is based, and for those among us who need our help.

1. TechForward Sonoma—stay tuned for video featuring an online Sonoma History
2. CarePartners Initiative—elevating elder care and support
3. Sonoma History and Local Artist Retrospective—open-door office visits for a glimpse of Sonoma history past and present coming soon
4. Celebrate Diversity—collaborating with community members to highlight different cultures and ways of life, starting with Ana Escobar’s family recipe below.

Cumulatively, these ideas forge a new … Read More

Latest News – Mary Piasta Keynotes Upcoming CarePartners Initiative Program

heart handsSix Common Legal Issues Caregivers May Face

In her upcoming keynote address, Mary combines her
estate planning experience with a passion for
protecting what matters most to provide a
comprehensive overview of the most common legal
issues that caregivers caring for older adults with
dementia need to consider:
1. Power of Attorney
2. Advance Directives
3. Estate Planning
4. Putting Together a Care Team
5. Thoughts on Skilled Nursing and Hospital Stays

CarePartners Initiative Forum

Help for Caregivers with Legal and Insurance Issues
Saturday, May 6, 2023, 1-3:00 PM

First Congregational Church, 252 W. Spain St., Sonoma
You may pre-submit … Read More

Latest News – Our Succession Plan in Action

desert landscape with the years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 painted in white on the road.Taking a quick look back, long-time partner Thomas Haeuser put our own succession plan into action. He switched from the day-to-day practice of law to a more strategic role which allows him to guide HVP and local community efforts too, including serving on the boards of FISH and the Sonoma Library Commission. We bid farewell to Robert Parmelee, the third successor
in our trifecta of founders. We enhanced the lives of local youth through our support of the Sonoma Valley Little League and the Sonoma Conservatory of Dance & Theatre. Our office expanded to include more paralegal and administrative support, … Read More

Latest News – Gratitude & Exciting News About Our Expansion

good fit puzzle piecesA Time for Gratitude
As we pause to embrace a national holiday to give thanks, we want to express our gratitude for all of our wonderful, creative, smart, and hard-working clients. Your dreams of family and legacy are inspirational. Thank you for entrusting them to us.
Exciting News
For quite some time now, Thomas Haeuser, Anthony Valluzzo, and Mary Piasta, known throughout Sonoma county as Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta LLP (HVP), have provided the
legal guidance you need to chart a steady course through life’s complexities and help you and your families grow and succeed.

HVP will always provide the … Read More

Latest News – Partner Thomas A. Haeuser takes on new role as HVP advisor and community leader

An Ongoing Legacy of Community Service
Putting the plan into action and continuing his 47-
year trajectory of community service, Tom recently
stepped up his roles in two vital community service
organizations, Friends Helping Friends (FISH) and
the Sonoma County Library Commission. Tom
serves as President of the FISH Board of Directors,
continuing his longstanding affiliation with an
organization that has been lending a helping hand to
neighbors in need for 50 years. Tom is also Vice-
Chair of the Sonoma County Library Commission,
supporting our county-wide library system.
Tom will continue to be a presence around town and
work his magic behind the scenes at HVP. We
appreciate your support of HVP partners and staff as
our succession plan unfolds.We are proud and pleased to announce that our longtime partner Thomas Haeuser took on a new role at the firm in the new year. Effective January 1, 2022, Tom continues to serve in an advisory capacity, taking a step back from active practice to focus on community activities. Those around town already know Tom for his presence on the Plaza and his unflagging efforts to make our town and the surrounding community a special place for businesses and families to thrive across multiple generations.

Everyone Needs a Good Succession Plan
Tom’s transition, already several years in the planning, is … Read More