Probate Administration

Probate Administration

Our background in estate planning makes us the logical choice to administer your estate and handle probate. We draw on our legacy of client service to work with family members and their advisors. We handle all aspects of distributions, probate proceedings, and postmortem tax planning for estates of all sizes and complexities.

We use our deep bench of estate planning experience to navigate probate ranging from relatively simple legal procedures to administration of sophisticated wills and trusts governing complex estates for multi-generational families. Our attorneys provides guidance through every step of the probate process to shepherd your loved one’s estate through the state’s probate court system.

Skilled Probate Attorneys

Anthony Valluzzo leads our probate administration group, a key practice of the firm. Clients look to Tony for strategic counsel in all aspects of probate administration. He draws on a comprehensive team knowledge base that includes partner Thomas Haeuser, a certified probate specialist. Collectively, our probate attorneys leverage their estate planning experience to craft bullet-proof strategies for probate administration, including alternatives to probate. They are equally adept at managing estate administration in cases without a will or other end of life directive, and in dealing with family disputes that can threaten to derail an otherwise smooth probate process.

Seamless Probate Administration

Our work with estates involving business ventures and real estate holdings for high-net worth individuals throughout their lifetime informs our experience with the myriad diverse circumstances that can impact probate administration. This background sets the stage for our ability to administer your estate while remaining focused on the human concerns of bereaved family members. We are adept at dealing with the nuances of elder law which may have factored into the deceased’s estate planning, at untangling marriage, divorce, and support issues which may impact inheritance, and in sorting out complex business arrangements, property valuations, and related concerns to seamlessly move estates of all sizes and complexities through probate.

Probate Disputes

Even the best estate plan can be challenged by will contests and inter-familial disputes, including conflicts between beneficiaries, executors, and trustees. Well-versed in all aspects of complex negotiation and litigation-avoidance, we work with all parties to proactively resolve disputes, turn contentious situations around, and seamlessly move probate forward.