Litigation Advice and Counsel

Litigation Advice and Counsel

We have a well-earned reputation for resolving pre-litigation disputes, effectively saving our clients time, expense, and business disruptions. Our attorneys combine business strengths with litigation know-how, giving us the inside track on resolving disputes outside the courtroom. When the situation warrants, we provide advice and counsel to prepare for litigation and bring you case to a successful conclusion.

Business Litigation

When disputes occur in business transactions, clients turn to us to protect their real estate and property rights, iron out disagreements over contracts ranging from partnership, shareholder, and employment arrangements to operational issues concerning equipment, supply, and distribution channels. With a keen understanding of economic uncertainties and underlying financial concerns that often fuel business strife, we take a proactive approach to understand the issues and negotiate terms that both parties can accept while fiercely protecting our clients’ interests.

Intra-family and Closely-held Businesses

The continued growth of family businesses, combined with the different skillsets and aspirations of new generations, can result in clashes over how closely-held businesses operate and regarding the distribution of intra-family wealth. Beyond conference table negotiations, we rely on our strong litigation experience to help even the most entrenched protagonists realistically evaluate their resolution options. Our courtroom acumen and business chops combine to provide counsel on alternative dispute resolution vehicles such as arbitration and mediation, and advise on litigation solutions that meet the unique conditions surrounding family business disputes.

Why Litigate?

Everyone wants their business to run smoothly and for family members to amicably resolve their differences. Regardless of the circumstances, when disputes arise, clients rely on our advice and counsel to review their options and determine the best approach for them. We use our knowledge of the law to explain the pros and cons of litigation, evaluate the situation, and chart a steady course. In every case, work hard to swiftly resolve the situation, often without litigation, and achieve the results you need to move forward.