Local Expertise.

Reliable Lawyering.

As lawyers with big firm experience, backgrounds in
economics and finance, and strong local roots, our
core services encompass business, IP/trademarks,
litigation, probate, and real estate. In addition to
lawyers, we draw on our extensive and reliable
network of experts to grow specific teams for clients’
needs. We combine sophisticated legal counsel with
a hands-on approach, in-depth experience, and the
momentum to go the distance.

Areas of Expertise

Known for our business acumen and legal service
across multiple generations, business advice and
counsel is a marquee practice of the firm. Bolstered
by decades of legal experience and business
knowledge, we blend our legal training with
backgrounds in economics and finance, to provide in-
depth legal counsel on business and related issues
for companies throughout the Bay Area.

A solid estate plan in its simplest sense is a roadmap.
It identifies your chosen decision-makers for
when you cannot manage your own affairs before
you die and to handle your effects after death.
Specialized planning can also minimize your long-
term care expenses or eliminate them entirely. And
a solid estate plan documents your wishes for the
distribution of your worldly belongings, facilitating
estate administration and probate proceedings.

Our team of legal professionals handle the complex probate
process with the diligence and grace born of deep experience.
We are also adept at creating trusts that take effect upon
creation, eliminate probate, and in some cases avoid or limit
inheritance and estate taxes.

Many of our clients, especially growing businesses have
unique ways of doing things. Their brands are reflected
in writings or logos. We secure legal protection over
specific trademarks and/or copyrights to enhance the value
of your business’s intellectual property assets.

We thrive on the give and take of legal negotiations,
and pride ourselves on resolving the thorniest of
disputes outside the courtroom. Our long history of
handling complex issues and our deep experience litigating
before federal, state, and local courts, gives us the
leading edge on litigation avoidance techniques and
pre-litigation counsel. While we appreciate that litigation
is not always the best answer, we also understand the value
of staking a claim and will fight to attain the best possible

Real Estate

Real Estate

Remember the devil is in the details especially for
real estate.  If you’re looking to do a simple transfer
or you need something more sophisticated, we can help.
It adds value to discuss transactions, leases, physical
descriptions, or litigation with an attorney.