Wine Law

Wine Law

Serving those in the wine industry, our lawyers meet the needs of wineries, vintners, and affiliated companies. We craft solutions specific to the terroir of your business. Our depth of experience encompasses foundational issues of property acquisition and land planning, the complexities of state and federal wine regulation, and the business of wine law including purchase, lease, and distribution agreements, intellectual property protection, business succession and estate planning for vineyard and winery owners. Familiar with all aspects of the wine industry, we adeptly blend a deep understanding of California’s leading-edge wine culture with strengths working with family-owned or closely held companies in the wine business, to deliver customized solutions to meet your needs.

Acquisitions, Land Use and Planning

We represent landowners and property holders large and small on all aspects of real estate and property laws pertaining to the wine industry. As evidenced by our involvement in Women Owned Wineries, the Sonoma Brain Trust and other wine country organizations, we are deeply involved local business owners. Our experience extends beyond the land itself and the communities we serve to advise on all aspects of wine production, sales, and distribution, with a focus on successful and cost-effective business operations.

Wine Business

Despite its incredibly lucrative potential, wineries, vintners, and related companies experience economic highs and lows like no other industry. We work with our clients to protect them and their assets from the agonies of environmental disasters, plagues of pests, mechanical and human failures that regularly threaten crops and yields. Our attorneys take a pragmatic approach, proactively advising on grape purchase agreements, vineyard leases, distribution, sale and export agreements, trademark protections and brand valuations, and myriad other considerations that factor into a successful wine business.

Estate Planning

Like you, we are in it for the long haul. We advise intergenerational families on how to preserve, sustain and grow wealth from one generation to the next. With a unique understanding of shifting priorities, we define family in ways that make sense for the traditions represented by your wine industry holdings and direction for the future.