Asset Preservation

house-thru-grassAsset Preservation

Asset preservation can assume many guises, merging business and personal mandates. We work with our clients to preserve wealth while minimizing the tax liabilities, and risks inherent in wealth transfer. With a focus on estate planning, our attorneys identify strategies to protect and preserve your business, investments, property, and other tangible assets for generations to come.

Business Issues

Our experience with business models ranging from sole proprietorships and partnerships to family-owned businesses and corporations gives us the experience you need to chart a steady course that protects your hard-earned wealth while providing the capital your business needs to endure. We work with you and your financial advisors to counsel on legal strategies for business owners to balance assets with substantial liability risk with lower risk options, choose the right business structure to protect assets, and help you implement other tried and true strategies to shield your personal and business assets.

Trust Formations

Estate planning often plays a role in asset preservation. Our core estate planning team, comprised of legal strategists Anthony Valluzzo and Mary Piasta, and Thomas Haeuser, a certified probate specialist, advise on effectively using trusts as an asset protection tool. Attune to the nuanced needs of individuals, families, charities, and other intended beneficiaries, we assess the benefits and drawbacks of various asset protection trusts other protections to preserve your assets and give you peace of mind.

Probate and Taxes

Well-versed in probate proceedings, we employ our knowledge and experience to set the stage for administering your estate. We value personal and business assets, advise on strategies to protect your home, anticipate and handle complex real estate transactions, deploy business resources to maximize value, reduce tax liabilities, and balance the conflicting needs of family members to preserve the assets that are the foundation of your estate.