Trust Administration & Probate Overview

gavel-probate-lawTrust Administration & Probate Overview

Our team of legal professionals handle the complex probate process with the diligence and grace born of deep experience. We are also adept at creating trusts that take effect upon creation, eliminate probate, and in some cases avoid or limit inheritance and estate taxes.

Trust Administration

We handle all matters concerning your loved one’s debts and last wishes, Including accounting and asset administration, investment tracking, financial reports, and postmortem tax planning. If this process is without the guidance of a trust, then we use our skills to guide the probate process through and until distribution of the estate.

Dispute Resolution

Clients appreciate our good judgment and sound advice in the administration of estates, including contested matters. We work within the framework of the existing legal instruments to find solutions that suit the beneficiaries needs and circumstances.

Probate Litigation

When it comes to challenges to a decedent’s will or trust, we leverage our knowledge of the courts and of litigation to make the process as painless as possible. We often negotiate settlements that accomplish the decedent’s goals while restoring harmony among beneficiaries.