Family-owned Businesses

family-owned-business-lawFamily-owned Businesses

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and the heart of California’s wine industry. Our team combines knowledge of business formation and practice with deep knowledge of estate planning, administration, and probate, giving us the inside track on balancing the needs of individual family members with the demands of the family business.

Trusted Advisor to Family Businesses

Trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, family and other closely held businesses, and their families, firm partner Tony Valluzzo leads our business succession team. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, from the legendary empire led by Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame to his present day experience rooted in economics and the law. Tony’s group serves clients ranging from mom-and-pop operations to multi-generational businesses and sophisticated family offices.

Legal Guidance on Fundamental Challenges

We help family businesses address the fundamental challenges they face to reap financial rewards, enjoy the bonds of family, and sustain successful ventures for generations to come. Our experience runs the gamut from simple issues of formation, structure, licensing and operational considerations to complex real estate and investment partnerships, limited liability companies from inception through sale, exchange, or other disposition of holdings. We not only focus on maximizing profitability and reducing liabilities, but are also attune to the intangible issues affecting business owners and their family dynamics.

Succession Planning

Across the board, the lawyers in our firm work closely with families on the myriad legal issues impacting their family business with a focus on personal concerns. Our knowledge of intergenerational family dynamics allows us to recommend structures and solutions designed to ensure continuity and unity within a family’s personal and business activities. We advise on forming family entities, planning for smooth succession and management of family-owned businesses, as well as implementing intra-family loans and sales to maintain or transition the existing business structure and optimize the transfer of wealth to the next generation.