Trademarks Overview

trademark-lawTrademarks Overview

Many of our clients, especially growing businesses have unique ways of doing things. Their brands are reflected in writings or logos. We secure legal protection over specific trademarks and/or copyrights to enhance the value of your business’s intellectual property assets.

Intellectual Property

The broad IP spectrum includes trade secrets, and patents, all of which are valuable business assets. Our business counsel includes necessary steps to assess and protect your IP assets and to determine what your intellectual property is worth with regard to sales, acquisitions, mergers, and other business transactions.

Trademark and Copyright Protection

We identify and protect the intellectual property integral to your business, with particular emphasis on trademarks and copyrights. Our IP team works with businesses of all stripes to identify, register, and protect their unique brand, which is often defined by trademarks, and design parameters known as trade dress. We also ensure that your trademarks and copyrights are not diluted by rivals across the broad spectrum of labels, packaging, artwork, and music, down to the nitty gritty of content and source codes.