Litigation Avoidance

Litigation Avoidance

Our depth of litigation experience gives us the inside track on proactive measures to avoid the expense and business disruption caused by litigation. As business lawyers, we work with you to avoid potential lawsuits. Our areas of expertise combine risk management techniques with cutting-edge legal knowledge and familiarity with the courts to offer a toolkit of options to avoid litigation entirely or efficiently resolve any disputes that may arise.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Our skilled litigation attorneys counsel businesses on best practices for the financial, operational, and contractual obligations that define their day-to-day business procedures. While no one has all the answers, we help our clients anticipate problems and develop practices to comply with legal requirements and ethical standards to significantly reduce the likelihood of litigation.

Family-owned Business

We are particularly attuned to the complexities of closely-held and family-owned businesses. Our team maps strategies to manage business concerns and personal wealth across multiple generations. We work with you to prepare the appropriate agreements, business structure and related procedures to facilitate the transfer of business from one generation to the next. Our counsel takes into account the need to preserve assets and accommodate inevitable shifts in the mindset and attitudes of succeeding generations to proactively avoid the threat of litigation or the protracted courtroom battles that can ensue in difficult cases.

Alternatives to Litigation

Fraught with risks at every turn, no business can completely avoid the contentious issues that can lead to litigation. Our courtroom experience gives us the legal chops to assess business and personal disputes and propose alternatives that work for both parties. Skilled negotiators, we are equally comfortable achieving equitable settlements around the conference table or in mediation and arbitration. Regardless of the forum, we fiercely advocate for our clients to resolve disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.