Trademark & Copyright Protection

trademark-copyright-protectionEmerging and growth companies have trademark and copyright assets that reflect their unique spin on business. From logos and written materials to advertising and brand management, we work with you to manage your intellectual property and secure its legal protection. Grounded in the tenets of sound business practice, we take a strategic approach to identify, protect, and enforce your trademarks and copyrights as integral components of your brand portfolio.

Brand Protection

We work with carefully vetted professionals to prosecute and license your trademarks and copyrights, ranging from domain name issues to regulatory compliance matters, to keep your intellectual property safe from encroachment wherever you do business. An integral component of your business operation, trademarks and copyrights define your brand and serve as a cornerstone of your entire operation. We deal with infringement and non-use claims, and investigate, and handle any opposition you may encounter.

Brand Value

Our team helps maximize the commercial potential of brand portfolios for new market entrants and seasoned business ventures alike. We recognize that your brand has value just like any tangible asset, and work with you to realize the power of your brand as your business grows and prospers. From logo to slogan to package design, your brand plays a large role in the value of your business. We have seen how the value of a brand, for a winery or other business, impacts every aspect of your venture, from defining your reputation to bottom-line business evaluations. A well-managed brand can be a key factor in in finance negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and equity transactions. We protect your trademarks and copyrights throughout the business life cycle, and when it comes time to sell or dissolve your business, we negotiate the value of your trademark and copyright portfolio.

Brand Encroachment

When called for, we draw on our litigation knowledge to successfully eliminate threats to your trademark and copyright assets. Our comprehensive experience with key brand components and their importance in business allow us to develop effective strategies to protect your IP portfolio across key industries throughout the western United States and beyond.