Business Formation and Dissolution

formation-dissolution-lawBusiness Formation and Dissolution

Our legal counsel helps businesses navigate a steady course from formation to dissolution. We thrill to the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up ventures, and are attune to the myriad reasons for dissolving an existing business. Licensed to practice in California and Washington, our familiarity with West Coast operations gives us the inside track on the form your business should take based on the scope of the goods and services you plan to provide. We are equally adept in advising on the complexities of winding up a business to protect your interests.

The Importance of a Good Business Plan

Understanding the importance of a good business plan informs our approach to determining the right entity for your business. Formation options, including corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, and nonprofit each offer different tax and personal liability issues which we factor into your overall plan and strategic objectives. We work with you to establish the right business structure to sustain your entrepreneurial spark and fuel future growth, from inception throughout your company’s life cycle.

Charting a Steady Course

We draw on our professional backgrounds in the law, economics, politics, and estate planning to serve a wide variety of established and emerging companies and professional offices in the wine, agricultural, healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing, construction, personal care, design, and entertainment industries, including the nonprofit sector. Our experience informs our ability to help you chart a steady course throughout. From the start, we mastermind the crucial agreements that govern the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the owners, officers and directors of your business entity, to help avoid or manage difficulties that can be caused by executive disagreements, operational issues, changes in ownership, and economic set-backs. We handle licensing and filing requirements, resolve legal issues to protect your brand, advise on contracts and real estate purchases, and craft succession plans to serve the needs of family-owned businesses and to accommodate transitions for other business structures.

Resolving Dissolution Complexities

Our business experience gives us an informed perspective on. the factors driving dissolution of an existing business, ranging from separations, changes in the business cycle to economic downturns or other financial considerations. We work with our clients to develop a plan to protect assets and meet our clients’ business objectives within a solid legal framework, including re-emergence as a new venture.