Latest News – Gratitude & Exciting News About Our Expansion

good fit puzzle piecesA Time for Gratitude
As we pause to embrace a national holiday to give thanks, we want to express our gratitude for all of our wonderful, creative, smart, and hard-working clients. Your dreams of family and legacy are inspirational. Thank you for entrusting them to us.
Exciting News
For quite some time now, Thomas Haeuser, Anthony Valluzzo, and Mary Piasta, known throughout Sonoma county as Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta LLP (HVP), have provided the
legal guidance you need to chart a steady course through life’s complexities and help you and your families grow and succeed.

HVP will always provide the legal expertise and concierge
service you can count on.

Exciting News – HVP expands to include employment lawyers

Introducing Mary Wright and Oriet Cohen-Supple

Today we have exciting news about the growth of our own law firm “family.” For the past few years, HVP has connected clients needing employment law advice and counsel to Mary Wright and Oriet Cohen-Supple of Wright & Supple LLP (W&S). A local woman-owned employment law firm, Mary and Oriet provide guidance on all aspects of the employment continuum, walking employers through talent acquisition, staffing, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, safety and health considerations, succession planning, employee relations and retention, EEO compliance, and employee relations.

On-Point Employment Law Counsel

The number of clients in need of W&S’s on-point employment practice has grown so steadily, fueled by outstanding feedback from our clients about their services, leading both firms to recognize what has become a fait accompli. We are pleased to announce that Wright & Supple are of counsel to Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta to provide labor and employment law advice and counsel services directly to our clients.

Expanded Services Meet Critical Business Needs

People rank as one of the most critical assets of any business, particularly for family-owned businesses with a focus on legacy and growth. Mary Wright and Orient Cohen-Supple add a new dimension to our core practices of business, estate planning, real estate, and related legal services. Most important, they can take on the day-to-day advice and counsel that businesses need. Adding to HVP’s role as outsourced general counsel, we are now able to handle both
strategic business counsel and internal employment issues with ease and expertise. Both Mary and Oriet leverage long-term big firm experience, having advised and litigated on behalf of companies ranging in size from mom-and-pops to Fortune 100s. We know you will benefit from the knowledge, creativity, and empathy they bring to their employment law advice and counsel.

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