Honoring History, Employment Law Update

Honoring History, Employment Law Update & Muffins

We’ve been digging into the firm history to share it with you. Sharing the picture books (yes we have some), the firm relied on one of our artist friends to create a pictorial history of our founders. Hanging in the office hallway in honor of our friend and retired partner, Thomas A. Haeuser, this piece displays the succession of lawyers; albeit a succession plan offering peace of mind to generations of clients. After all, peace of mind and solid counsel is what we do.

In a town full of nonprofits, we’re excited to share the new things in the works. Everyone has heard about the muffin man, but have you heard about the muffin project? Ask the Women’s Club who is bringing this incredible outreach project to the valley.

We wish you a beautiful spring, embracing your legacy while savoring the smell of muffins.

The HVP team—
Mary, Tony, Megan, Linda, Ana, Bonita, Norma + Mary, and Oriet

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