Estate Planning Top 10 Checklist

Estate Planning

We can work with you to review your business, real estate, and family holdings for tax issues to craft and maintain your succession plan for life, and what comes after.

Top 10 Year-end Estate Planning Checklist

  1. Personal Status ‒ My health, wealth, and chosen decision-makers are still the same  Yes  No
  2. Legal Guardians ‒ The legal guardians I’ve selected for my minor children are up to date and consistent with my wishes?  Yes  No
  3. Legal Documents ‒ I have my legal documents in place including a power of attorney, health care directive, will and (when needed) trust  Yes  No
  4. Marital Status ‒ I have pre- and post-nuptial agreements in place to cover my current marital status.  Yes  No
  5. Ownership ‒ My ownership documents have been reviewed and are up to date.  Yes  No
  6. Assets ‒ I have inventoried my assets – home purchases, business interests, digital assets like bitcoin, retirement accounts.  Yes  No
  7. Beneficiaries ‒ I have reviewed my beneficiaries from the asset list and confirmed they are up to date.  Yes  No
  8. Life Insurance ‒ I have confirmed that my life insurance beneficiaries are up to date.  Yes  No
  9. Long Term Care Insurance – I have considered long term care insurance and/or made a decision about it.  Yes  No
  10. Tax Issues/Charitable Goals/Gifts ‒ I have considered my tax issues and charitable goals and made decisions about them. I have reported gifts to accountant for tax purposes.  Yes  No

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