March was Women in History Month

Launching toasts to women and local causes that have promoted women, the firm toasted:

  • hope never lostDr. Genevieve Roche, physician turned wine entrepreneur
  • Sylvia Sebastiani, who ran the show at Sebastiani in the 1980s,
  • Catherine Poppe, Victorian entrepreneur and past owner of our beloved office space,
  • Marilyn Goode, social activist and environmental conservationist, 
  • Anina Porter Fuller, special education teacher and artist
  • Sondra Bernstein, iconic entrepreneur and innovative artist
  • Nancy Parmelee – Sonoma’s second female mayor
  • And of course, a toast to all things femme at the Sonoma Valley Women’s’ Club

Now, in April, as a society we honor all things pride with pride month. At HVP we stand for accepting and providing peace of mind for all lifestyles. While legal strategies do not discriminate, they do need to be appropriately applied to situations. As society evolves, the law lags behind. We encourage our audience to nurture their legal needs by facing what for some are uncomfortable conversations and leaning into solutions.

Here’s to planting the seeds towards your own legal security.

The HVP team—
Mary, Tony, Megan, Linda, Ana, Bonita, Norma + Mary, and Oriet

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