Insurance Tips

woman with boxing glovesInsurance Coverage

Your Rights

(1) Know your rights.  You are entitled to be treated in good faith

(2) An insurer cannot present an unreasonably low settlement

(3) An insurer must perform reasonable investigation and taken into account things you’ve provided (think photos, lists, etc.)

(4) An insurer cannot misrepresent policy provisions

(5) Discrimination laws apply

(6) You are entitled to prompt and honest communications

(7) You have a duty to cooperate with your insurer

Negotiation Tips

(1) Calling about your claim even if you don’t have all the info is helpful;

(2) You don’t have to agree to initial amounts, ask for what you think you spent;

(3) Make sure you tell your insurance company you are incurring additional costs or have incurred additional costs during the timeframe they may offer you $$ for

(4) Explain you have a continuing claim and as such will be submitting additional amounts for your past time period as well as going forward;

(5) Take notes of who you spoke with and what they said.

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