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HVP New Approach to Legal Services Initiative

kal-visuals happy lifeThis year we are focused on some new ideas to be more present in your lives, combining roots in the community with our deep-seated understanding of how real live translates into your legal needs.

Here are some of the ideas we’re working on to enhance our legal counsel for the families and small businesses upon which Sonoma is based, and for those among us who need our help.

  1. TechForward Sonoma—stay tuned for video featuring an online Sonoma History Tour
  2. CarePartners Initiative—elevating elder care and support
  3. Sonoma History and Local Artist Retrospective—open-door office visits for a glimpse of Sonoma history past and present coming soon
  4. Celebrate Diversity—collaborating with community members to highlight different cultures and ways of life, starting with Ana Escobar’s family recipe below

Cumulatively, these ideas forge a new approach to legal services. Back in April 2017, Mary Piasta and Tony Valluzzo joined Thomas Haeuser to begin a new chapter in the firm’s storied history. Since then, Tom, Mary, and Tony have embraced the challenges of getting new businesses off to a good start, rescuing businesses that are foundering, and helping families and individuals from all walks of life sort through their legal problems.

People can be put off by the idea of talking to a lawyer, mostly because they have no idea of what that entails. We take the chaos and figure out what’s not working and put it all back together again. Our clients are really good at what they do, but they may not know how to manage the legal ramifications. That’s where we come in.

From giving young families peace of mind over guardians of their children, to helping small businesses maximize risk protections with their corporate structure, we apply a solution-oriented framework to problems.

Whatever your problem, we’ll help you figure it out. It’s all part of getting to know you and working together to build a community we can all be proud of.

Whether it’s helping a client recently who was facing mobility limitations navigate resources to help manage her everyday paperwork tasks while solidifying her bigger picture estate goals, or putting together bylaws for your growing corporation which aid in limiting financial risk, our team is here to guide the way.

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