California Cares A Lot

California Cares A Lot
How California Law Helps Seniors Avoid the Scenario in the Netflix movie, I Care A Lot

April 16th 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PT

In case you missed it…
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This complimentary seminar features Anthony Valluzzo, a partner at the Sonoma law firm of Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta LLP. Tony draws on a wealth of estate planning experience to craft solid legal strategies that provide peace of mind for life and after. While not as chilling as the movie version, Tony will provide an overview of California law addressing court-appointed conservatorships, outlining the estate planning tools that can ensure your welfare stays out of the hands of the courts. He will discuss how to empower those you trust to make decisions on your behalf, including powers of attorney and health care directives. Tony will emphasize how your individual values and concerns can be expressed and modified over time to secure your legacy, and provide tips about the estate planning process.

Click here to check out Roger Ebert’s review of I Care A Lot or stream it on Netflix.

Anthony Valluzzo counsels individuals, families, and businesses in the heart of Sonoma Valley providing solutions that span generations concerning their estates and business interests. This seminar is informational only, and no attorney-client relationship is established by attending or viewing the presentation.

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