Business checklist

Business Compliance Top 5 Checklist

Business Compliance 

Business checklistWe are here with some helpful suggestions to keep things on track as your business transitions to the new year.

Top 5 Year-end Business Compliance Checklist

  1. Performance and Operations ‒ I have discussed and mapped out performance and operations with management and legal counsel.  Yes  No
  2. Entity Structure/Governing Instruments ‒ I have reviewed my business entity structure and updated articles of organization/incorporation, operating agreement, bylaws, partnership, or other agreements as needed.  Yes  No
  3. I am up to date on all corporate formalities for California corporations to maintain my personal liability protection.  Yes  No
  4. I have finalized my year-end accounting and closed the books for the calendar or fiscal year to determine tax liability.  Yes  No
  5. I have met and/or plan to meet with my legal counsel to learn how new laws may impact my business.  Yes  No

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