Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Our lawyers strive to serve the legal needs of the greater bay area which are unique as they are diverse.  In doing so, our attorneys specialize in reliable lawyering in the areas of business, wine, estate planning, probate, intellectual property and real estate.


Our attorneys serve businesses of all sizes from start-up to multi-generation established businesses such as ranches and wineries.  Each business is unique and so too is the advice we render.

From chosing the form of your business to handling employment matters, we are a phone call away from providing creative and sensible solutions.

Our motto is let us worry about it so you don’t have to.

Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning addresses the needs and well-being of your family and assets, both during and after your lifetime. It gives you much greater control over who will inherit your assets and take care of your family. Estate plans can involve financial, tax, medical, and business planning.

Whether your estate is large or small, we advise everyone to designate someone to manage their assets and make health and personal care decisions upon incapacity or death.

Let us help you plan for life after death.

Wine Law

Serving those in the industry, our lawyers serve the needs of wineries, vintners and affiliated companies.  Our attorneys craft solutions specific to the terroir of your business.


Sometimes litigation is necessary to resolve a dispute.  While we attempt to solve disputes without the need for litigation as it can be lengthy and costly, when necessary we bring what it takes.

Intellectual Property

Many of our clients, especially growing businesses have unique ways of doing things.  Their brands are reflected in writings or logos.  We aim to secure legal protection over these specific trademarks and/or copyrights.

Real Estate

Remember the devil is in the details especially for real estate.  If you’re looking to do a simple transfer or you need something more sophisticated, we can help.  It adds value to discuss transactions, leases, physical descriptions, or litigation with an attorney.