Norma Athens

Norma Athens

norma-athensClient Finance Officer

Norma Athens brings more than 40 years’ of bookkeeping experience to her role as client finance officer. During this time, she has worked with 50 law firms collectively serving thousands of clients, managing all aspects of the finance process. During her tenure with the firm, Norma has used her education and background to provide experience and knowledge in overseeing finance operations, always providing the highest caliber of client service.

Ensures a Seamless Finance Experience
Our resident numbers guru, Norma works diligently behind the scenes to ensure the firm’s clients have a seamless finance experience. Her involvement includes all aspects of the client trajectory, from engagement and risk management concerns to perspectives on business transactions that stem from her keen ability to track income and revenue and interpret financial statements.

Focus on Organizational Process
Norma’s purview includes organizational change initiatives to improve processes and procedures as the firm and its clients continue to grow. Since joining us, she has improved reporting capabilities and the handling of day-to-day accounting duties. She enjoys working with the HVP team and helping collaborate with our clients for long-term success.

Life Beyond the Firm
Channeling her affinity for bringing order out of chaos to other areas of her life, Norma likes to “make something every day.” On the creative side, she utilizes many mediums, such as paint, textiles, and culinary ingredients. To counteract the challenges of COVID, Norma suggests folks try to paint by number and experience the healing power of art.