Who We Are

Legendary Client Service

​Business and estate planning and related finance and property questions can be daunting no matter how savvy you are. The skilled legal advisors at Haeuser, Valluzzo & Piasta LLP can make the process of setting up a will or trust, or starting a new business as straightforward as possible. We can advise on many other critical legal and financial concerns, especially where real estate is involved. As a firm with a demonstrated succession plan, our attorneys apply their legal expertise from one generation to the next to serve your interests, combining solid, experienced representation with innovative NextGen solutions.

Rooted in tradition, our office has been serving Californians since 1893 with R.A Poppe (1893-1923).  Becoming a lawyer even before there were law schools, Mr. Poppe served Sonomans including the estate of General and Mrs. Vallejo.  He brought on A. R. Grinstead who was instrumental in planning the city's historic plaza.  Mr. Grinstead later served as a judge. In 1956 Robert D. Parmelee, the currently officially unofficial Sonoma historian continued the practice until 1981, when it was entrusted to Thomas A. Haeuser.   

Mr. Haeuser has continued this rich tradition enhancing it with his specialization in estates and probate.  Thus, the office aids individuals with cementing their wishes for their later life decisions and the distribution of their estates.      

In addition, much of our practice focuses on serving the small and regional business owner concerned about their professional and personal future, as well as the needs of providing for subsequent generations.  The businesses we serve are as varied as the Bay Area.  From the wine industry to technology startups to ranchers, we pride ourselves in assisting with growth.

Most importantly, we value the trust our clients have placed in us and work hard to provide solid, effective and efficient representation to meet those diverse legal needs.