Robert Parmelee


Legacy planning has been a mainstay for the lawyers at our historic Plaza office location since its founding in the 1800s. Despite its longevity, transitions between generations have been few and far between, and the firm has seldom had occasion to honor the pillars of this historic line of lawyers. Only twice before has there been an opportunity with the passing of founder Robert Poppe and his successor Judge Ray Grinstead. This year, the Firm honors the passing of the third successor in its trifecta of founders, Robert Parmelee.

It is with abundant gratitude that we honor the life and legacy of Robert Parmelee, who through his commitment to legal excellence and the community we serve continued the great history of the firm. We honor his contribution to clients and the firm. By selecting attorney Thomas Haeuser as his partner, Bob continued the firm’s deep-seated tradition of reliable counsel. The partnership and friendship of Tom and Bob spanned decades, as described HERE